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Grand Opening ZHENGDA Tunas Regency Outlet in Batam

Last updated: 4 Jun 2024
selebrasi pemotongan pita di acara grand opening outlet ZHENGDA Tunas Regency

Getting closer, ZHENGDA Chicken Steak is now open in Batam, Riau Islands!

On June 1, 2024, ZHENGDA opened a new outlet in Batam, called ZHENGDA Tunas Regency. The exact location is at Komplek Ruko Tunas Regency Blok H No.10, Jl Brigjen Katamso, Sungai Binti, Kec. Batu Aji, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29425.

bagian kasir di outlet ZHENGDA Tunas Regency

Image source: zheng-da.com

To celebrate the grand opening, ZHENGDA Tunas Regency was offering a special promotion for two days for all visitors. For every purchase of one Signature XXL Crispy Chicken, they got a free drink from Ai-CHA Ice Cream & Tea. There were three available drink menus to choose: Ai-Squash Lemonade, Ai-CHA Original Jasmine, or Ai-CHA Original Earl Grey.

sejumlah orang sedang asyik menikmati ayam crispy di outlet ZHENGDA Tunas Regency

Image source: zheng-da.com

The opening of ZHENGDA Tunas Regency is exciting news for food lovers in Batam, especially crispy chicken fans. The strategic location of ZHENGDA outlet makes it an ideal spot for families and friends to enjoy unforgettable deliciousness together.

Especially, the ZHENGDA Tunas Regency crispy chicken store is directly integrated with the Ai-CHA Ice Cream & Tea outlet, which is also part of the Nanyang Food group. This way, every visitor can enjoy delicious crispy chicken while also quenching their thirst with refreshing and tasty drinks.

maskot ZHENGDA dan Ai-KA di outlet Batam

Image source: zheng-da.com

Bringing unmatched delight through authentic oriental flavors, ZHENGDA is committed to serving high-quality food with a guaranteed cooking process. Known as "No. 1 Juicy Chicken Steak in Indonesia," every piece of ZHENGDA chicken is thick, tender, and juicy to satisfy your taste buds.

So, for those of you who live in Batam, let's come to the ZHENGDA Tunas Regency outlet! Don't forget to invite your family, friends, or partner so that your moments at ZHENGDA become more exciting and memorable.


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