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The Excitement of ZHENGDA's Partnership Exhibition at FLEI 22nd

Last updated: 15 May 2024
Booth ZHENGDA Chicken Steak yang Ramai dengan Pengunjung di Pameran FLEI 22nd

ZHENGDA Chicken Steak, an Indonesian local brand under Nanyang Group, successfully enlivened the 22nd edition of the Franchise & License Expo Indonesia (FLEI). The expo took place over three days, from May 1012, 2024, in Hall D2 of JIEXPO, Kemayoran, Jakarta. Visitors and potential partners enthusiastically flocked to consult and enjoy the variety of food products offered.

Focusing on a range of crispy chicken fast food products that are convenient to eat on-the-go, ZHENGDA Chicken Steak is committed to always serving high-quality food using premium ingredients and guaranteed cooking processes. This commitment makes ZHENGDA stand out among other crispy chicken brands.

In addition to selling delicious and high-quality food, ZHENGDA also offers a promising partnership opportunity for business people. With affordable partnership costs, a well-known brand reputation, and a clear SOP, ZHENGDA's partnership program is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to own a culinary business with a lower initial investment but high profit potential.

Therefore, it's no surprise that at the 22nd FLEI expo, ZHENGDA's booth was crowded with visitors and potential partners. This was further boosted by various exclusive promotions offered during the event. Curious about the excitement at the 22nd FLEI expo? Let's explore more!

ZHENGDA's Exclusive Promotions at the FLEI Expo

ZHENGDA Booth With Crowded People at FLEI 22nd

Image source: zheng-da.com

ZHENGDA Chicken Steak understands the financial needs of every partner or potential partner interested in joining the business. To help with startup costs, ZHENGDA offers an exclusive promotion: a Rp20 million discount for new partners at the franchise expo. This aims to ease the financial burden at the beginning of their business journey.

The discount includes free staff training and store design worth Rp5 million, as well as a Rp15 million reduction on equipment costs. Additionally, ZHENGDA provides free location surveys, free cashier systems, and no royalty fees, meaning partners keep all their profits. On the last day of the expo, ZHENGDA also offered a special promotion for the first 15 new partners: free management fees for two years.

Potential partner take a look at the machine and equipment used for ZHENGDA partnership business

Image source: zheng-da.com

With these attractive and beneficial promotions, ZHENGDA successfully attracted many enthusiastic potential partners. They came to consult with the ZHENGDA business development team to get detailed information about the partnership system, product variety, and operational processes. While consulting, potential partners could also taste various products to ensure they made the right choice in the culinary business.

During the consultation, potential partners were also given the opportunity to see firsthand the equipment and machines used for cooking, as well as the raw ingredients. They could also observe the entire food preparation process at ZHENGDA, from marinating, frying, to seasoning the dishes.

The Deliciousness of ZHENGDA Crispy Chicken at the 22nd FLEI Expo

A customer tried ZHENGDA's product at FLEI 22nd

Image source: zheng-da.com

The delicious aroma of ZHENGDA's products successfully attracted visitors at the FLEI franchise expo. Each visitor received a free sample voucher that could be redeemed at the available counter. Several ZHENGDA staff members also walked around the hall, handing out food samples. This allowed everyone to taste the delicious ZHENGDA crispy chicken with its unique, authentic oriental flavor.

This is why many people were seen enjoying ZHENGDA products throughout the three-day FLEI expo. From Signature XXL Crispy Chicken, Crispy Chicken Drumsticks, Crispy Chicken Wings, Chicken Strips, Chicken Popcorn to Small Chicken Skewers, all were served with luscious seasonings. By trying the products directly, visitors and potential partners could experience the texture, quality, and unique taste that make ZHENGDA stand out.

Keita, ZHENGDA's white rooster mascot, also joined the FLEI expo to attract attention and entertain visitors, especially children. The rooster mascot was chosen to represent the strength and superior quality of ZHENGDA's products, as well as the guaranteed quality and hygiene of their cooking and serving processes.

If you are interested in joining the ZHENGDA Chicken Steak partnership, you can fill out the partnership form or contact our team for more information. What are you waiting for? Join now and get ready to reap significant profits!

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