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7 Delicious and Convenient Trendy Rice Bowl Menus

Last updated: 19 Apr 2024
menu rice bowl steak ayam crispy dari ZHENGDA

In the ever-evolving culinary world, rice bowls have become one of the trendy foods that not only delight the taste buds but also cater to modern lifestyle needs. Offering a blend of practicality and deliciousness, rice bowls now come in various menu variations that are tasty, nutritious, and suitable for any time of the day. By emphasizing simplicity in presentation and a variety of flavors, these contemporary rice bowl menus ensure that every bite not only satisfies hunger but also promotes health.

Recognizing the need for quick and nutritious meals, we're here to share 7 trendy rice bowl menu ideas that you must try. From crispy chicken steak rice bowls to ebi furai, each menu is designed to provide optimal nutritional balance with authentic flavors that tantalize the palate. So, let's dive straight into the deliciousness of each menu!

1. Crispy Chicken Steak Rice Bowl

menu rice bowl steak ayam crispy dari ZHENGDA

Image source: instagram.com/zhengda.official

Crispy chicken steak rice bowl is a perfect combination of savory, crunchy, and delicious flavors. This dish consists of perfectly fried crispy chicken pieces served on warm rice and complemented by a distinctive sauce. The deliciousness of the crispy chicken steak rice bowl not only pleases the palate but also provides an important protein intake for the body.

To make this trendy rice bowl menu at home, you can start by preparing chicken breast fillets dipped in flour batter. Choose thick, tender, and juicy chicken for better taste. Then, fry it until it is golden brown with a crunchy texture on the outside. While draining the excess oil from the chicken, you can prepare the rice in a bowl.

Next, slice the crispy chicken into pieces and place them over the rice. For the final touch, add sauce or seasoning according to your taste. With easily accessible ingredients and a simple cooking process, this dish is perfect for any mealbe it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It could definitely become a favorite go-to meal!

2. Beef Yakiniku Rice Bowl

The beef yakiniku rice bowl is one of the trendy rice bowl menus that's easy to make. To serve this rice bowl variation, first, you can choose thin slices of fresh beef for quicker cooking. Then, stir-fry the beef with yakiniku seasoning until it's cooked and aromatic.

Next, serve it over the warm rice and sprinkle some chopped onions and sesame seeds to add a special touch. The delightful aroma and sweet-savory taste of the yakiniku seasoning seeping into the beef make this dish unforgettable. Surely, this beef yakiniku rice bowl is perfect to enjoy with your family or friends.

3. Chicken Strip Rice Bowl

menu rice bowl ayam goreng tepung strip dari ZHENGDA

Image source: instagram.com/zhengda.official

This trendy rice bowl menu is perfect for fried chicken lovers who prefer hassle-free dining. Just like crispy chicken steak, chicken strip pieces don't have bones, so they can be eaten directly. In the cooking process, the chicken strip pieces are dipped in a crispy chicken flour batter and fried until they turn golden brown. While coating them in the flour batter, you can also add various spices according to your taste to enhance the flavor.

Then, serve these chicken pieces in a bowl with warm rice. Don't forget to add your favorite sauce. For example, barbeque sauce, teriyaki sauce, mentai sauce, or just chili sauce. The crunchy texture on the outside and juicy inside of the crispy chicken strip make this dish a favorite for many people.

4. Beef Ham and Egg Rice Bowl

The beef ham and egg rice bowl is a nutritious and convenient menu option, perfect for breakfast. You can use large-sized beef ham, like the ones commonly used for burgers. Cook the beef ham and eggs until they're perfectly done, or you can make the egg half-cooked according to your preference.

Once ready, you can place the beef ham on top of the rice in a bowl first. Then, pour mayonnaise or various flavored sauces according to your taste. Next, place the egg on the very top. The combination of the savory taste of the beef ham, the creamy egg, and the deliciousness of warm rice creates a perfect blend of flavors. Certainly, this dish is not only tasty and nutritious but also easy to prepare in a short time, making it an ideal choice for those who are often busy and don't have much time to cook.

5. Crispy Chicken Drumstick Rice Bowl

Crispy Drumstick Ricebowl ZHENGDA

Image source: instagram.com/zhengda.official

Who doesn't love crispy chicken? Almost everyone, from different age groups, surely enjoys it. This time, there's a trendy rice bowl menu featuring a package of crispy chicken drumsticks and rice. You can buy frozen chicken drumsticks at the grocery store, so you just need to fry them.

If you like to innovate, before cooking them, you can also marinate or season them with various special spices to make the dish even more delicious and authentic. For the final touch, after everything is served in a bowl with rice, you can also add lettuce, carrots, or cucumbers to enhance the aesthetics as well as add flavor and texture variations to this dish.

6. Salted Egg Chicken Rice Bowl

The salted egg chicken rice bowl combines the savory taste of chicken with creamy salted egg sauce and is served with warm rice. Typically, small-cut chicken pieces like chicken popcorn are used, but it depends on individual preferences.

Making this trendy rice bowl menu isn't difficult. First, you need to prepare the chicken for cooking and also make the salted egg sauce. Once everything is ready, start cooking the chicken pieces with the salted egg sauce you've made. Make sure to stir them until evenly coated and the sauce is fully absorbed.

When it's done, serve it in a bowl with rice. To make it even more delicious and flavorful, you can pour the remaining salted egg sauce over it and add eggs as a complement. Additionally, you can sprinkle chopped spring onions as a garnish, adding both decoration and flavor. This dish is perfect to enjoy anytime, whether for lunch or dinner.

7. Ebi Furai Rice Bowl

menu rice bowl ebi furai

Image source: successrice.com

Bored of chicken or beef? Don't worry, there's an option for a rice bowl menu: ebi furai. This is a Japanese-style fried shrimp. Before frying them, you need to choose fresh shrimp and clean off any dirt sticking to them. Then, dip the shrimp into the crispy flour batter and fry until they're cooked and crispy with a golden brown color.

Once cooked, the ebi furai is ready to be served with rice. Don't forget to add various sauces according to your taste, such as tartar sauce, mayonnaise, or chili sauce. The combination of the savory shrimp flavor and the warmth of the rice creates a harmonious taste that delights the palate. This delicious dish is perfect for enjoying as a main course.

With a variety of tasty, nutritious, and convenient trendy rice bowl menu options like those discussed above, you now have more menu variations to serve every day. You can even innovate with more recipes from all these menu ideas.

If you haven't had time to cook, just order delicious rice bowl menus from ZHENGDA Chicken Steak! There are various menu options you can try, such as Signature Crispy Chicken Ricebowl, Crispy Drumstick Ricebowl, Crispy Wings Ricebowl, Chicken Nugget Ricebowl, and Chicken Strip Ricebowl. There are not only diverse menu options, but there are also plenty of sauce choices, from Soy Sesame, Blackpepper Teriyaki, Garlic Teriyaki, Smoky Barbeque, Thousand Island, to Mentai Sauce. So tempting and appetizing, isn't it? Lets go ahead and order ZHENGDA right away!

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