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15 Unique Food Business Ideas with Small-Capital and High Demand

Last updated: 13 Mar 2024
aneka menu makanan ZHENGDA Chicken Steak sebagai ide jualan makanan modal kecil

The culinary world never ceases to evolve over time. In fact, it's increasingly embraced by many, especially food. Not only because food is a basic necessity for everyone, but also because of the emergence of various food innovations that attract people from all walks of life. Whether it's in terms of taste, ingredients, packaging, or sales concepts. This can be a great opportunity to start a food business. Therefore, it's no wonder that there are now more and more food business ideas with small-capital.

Starting a food business with a small-capital, whether it's heavy meals or snacks, especially those that are trendy and practical, will certainly bring significant profits. Nowadays, people prefer food that is quick and easy to eat. So, for those of you who are looking for small-capital food selling ideas that will be popular, check out the reviews below!

1. Flavored French Fries

Fried potatoes, or french fries, are one of the easiest menu items to make. They are also very convenient to consume. As the main capital, you can purchase frozen fries in packaging. Then, also buy various flavor seasonings, such as BBQ, cheese, sweet corn, seaweed, onions, and so on. Both ingredients are easy to obtain, so your food business can continue without worrying about running out of supplies.

To make your product more unique, you can innovate the menu. For example, combining fries with sausages or providing different sauce options. In running this business, make sure the potatoes are fried until they are cooked and crispy. Also, ensure that the seasoning is evenly distributed so that enjoyment is felt in every bite. You can sell them in one size or several size variants.

2. Maryam Bread

Roti Maryam, also known as Roti Canai, is a type of bread originating from India. Nowadays, its presence can be found in several Southeast Asian countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, and even Indonesia. The shape of this bread is round and flat. After being cooked, some parts of it become slightly crispy while others remain soft. It has a mildly bland and slightly savory taste, but with a distinctive bread aroma.

To start selling Roti Maryam, you can directly purchase ready-made Roti Maryam dough, so it can be cooked immediately. Then, the serving can be adjusted according to your needs or business purposes. Typically, this bread is served with chicken curry or mutton curry as a substitute for rice. However, you can also turn it into a trendy snack with sweet flavors. For example, by serving it with various toppings such as sweetened condensed milk, chocolate sprinkles, cheese, fruits, or even ice cream.

3. Crispy Chicken Steak

seseorang sedang memotong steak ayam crispy ZHENGDA

Image source: zheng-da.com

The next small-capital food selling idea is crispy chicken steak, which is loved by many people. This crispy chicken steak is not only delicious but also filling. Usually, this menu is made from chicken breast pieces fried in a flour coating to make it crispy in texture. Then, it is sprinkled with savory seasoning, which makes it more tasty. In serving, the chicken meat is usually cut into several small pieces for easier consumption.

This food business doesn't have many competitors yet, making it a great business opportunity for you. However, the demand for crispy chicken steak is quite high. If you don't want the hassle of sourcing quality ingredients or the serving process, you can also join a partnership or open a crispy chicken franchise, like the one offered by ZHENGDA Chicken Steak.

Image source: zheng-da.com

There are many advantages to running a franchise business with ZHENGDA. Some of them include a clear brand reputation, so you don't need to build brand trust from scratch. The menu offered is also varied and constantly updated to enhance market competitiveness. Additionally, you can directly purchase the raw materials from partners. Moreover, ZHENGDA does not apply a profit-sharing system, so you are entitled to 100% of the profits.

The texture of ZHENGDA's chicken meat is guaranteed to be thick, juicy, and tender, with a delicious and distinctive oriental-authentic flavor, providing satisfaction to customers. As for the price, you don't need to worry because ZHENGDA Chicken Steak franchise prices are very affordable!

4. Cromboloni

After croffle, there is now a new variant in the pastry world that is gaining popularity, namely cromboloni. This food is a combination of croissant and bomboloni. It has a crispy texture on the outside and a soft texture on the inside. Meanwhile, its shape is round, then filled with delicious toppings inside and on top.

Thanks to its viral existence, this small-capital food selling idea will be in high demand and provide you with many benefits. However, in the process of making it, you still need to maintain quality and taste. Therefore, you are not only selling trendy food, but also providing good and satisfying products for buyers. If it tastes delicious and addictive, buyers will definitely come back, right?

5. Mayonnaise Risoles

In recent years, mayonnaise risoles have become popular due to their delicious taste, especially when eaten while still warm. The filling of these mayo risoles usually consists of eggs, smoked beef, and mayonnaise. However, you can replace the filling according to your preference. For example, you can switch the smoked beef with chicken meat and sausage, or you can also add cheese to make it even tastier.

Mayo risoles can be a perfect snack. You can implement a freshly baked system with pre-prepared ingredients. So, when there are buyers, you can fry them immediately without the hassle of processing the ingredients first. It's no wonder that mayo risoles have become a small-capital food selling idea that will quickly sell out.

6. Chocolate Banana

Chocolate bananas, also known as 'Piscok', can also be a great opportunity for small-capital food businesses. This delicious sweet snack only requires a few ingredients and is affordable, consisting of bananas, chocolate sauce, condensed milk, spring roll wrappers, and cooking oil.

The most suitable target market for selling this food is children, so you can set up a stall around schools. However, because the market is children, you must be extra careful in choosing the ingredients. Make sure you use a good-quality ingredients.

7. Chicken Skewer

ide jualan makanan modal kecil berupa chicken skewers ZHENGDA

Image source: zheng-da.com

If chicken satay with peanut sauce is already common, how about making chicken skewers with special, more savory seasonings to sell? The uniqueness of its taste is guaranteed to tantalize the taste buds and leave them craving for more! Besides chicken meat, you can also create other variations of satay, such as chicken liver satay or chicken skin satay.

You can decide the number of skewers per serving yourself. Then, serve them in one container to make them look more festive and appealing. This is also what ZHENGDA Chicken Steak does with its menu variations. The unique presentation and authentic flavors make it loved by everyone. It's guaranteed to sell like hotcakes!

8. Potato Doughnuts

This food business idea has become a favorite for almost everyone. The soft and fluffy texture of potato doughnuts, along with their sweet flavor, can uplift anyone's mood when they eat them. You can sell them plain or add certain toppings to them. For example, sugar-coated potato doughnuts, chocolate sprinkles, cream cheese, or fruit-flavored jams.

9. Fruit Salad

Lately, fruit salad has also become one of the most popular food choices, especially for those who are actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle. This small-capital food business is not difficult in its serving process. You just need to prepare various fruits, such as strawberries, watermelon, melon, kiwi, bananas, grapes, mangoes, and so on. Also, prepare fruit mayonnaise, sweetened condensed milk, and grated cheese.

Once all the ingredients are ready, you just need to cut the fruits. Then, mix them with mayonnaise, sweetened condensed milk, and grated cheese. You can also replace them with yogurt according to the customer's preference. Lastly, make sure all the ingredients are fresh!

10. Cookies

The presence of cookies has begun to increase in recent years, especially during the pandemic season. At that time, there were many innovations in the flavors and textures of cookies. Some are soft cookies with melted fillings, while others are crispy cookies. There are also many flavor variations, ranging from the original chocolate chip, matcha, hazelnut, red velvet, biscoff, almond, and many more.

You can sell these cookies in various sizes. For small sizes, they can be packaged in jars or according to the desired portion. Meanwhile, for larger sizes (usually soft cookies), you can sell them individually.

11. Ice Cream

es krim Ai-CHA sebagai ide jualan makanan modal kecil

Image source: ai-chafood.com

Who doesn't love ice cream? Especially for desserts, ice cream has remained a favorite until now. People of all ages, from young to old, and from various backgrounds, surely enjoy eating ice cream because it can bring happiness and instantly improve mood. There are various types of ice cream available, so you can choose the most suitable one according to your target market.

Some popular types of ice cream nowadays are flavored cone ice cream and sundae ice cream with various delicious toppings. In this case, you can innovate both the ice cream flavors and toppings to give your culinary business its own unique characteristics and uniqueness. For an ice cream business, you can also start by joining a partnership that offers various attractive and profitable deals, such as Ai-CHA Ice Cream & Tea. With that, you don't have to worry about making delicious ice cream recipes or going through the hassle of buying raw materials here and there.

12. Dessert Box

You can also start a food business with dessert boxes. The contents of these dessert boxes vary, but generally consist of sweet treats. Some dessert menu ideas you can choose from include cakes with cream and fresh fruit toppings, tiramisu or chocolate-flavored cakes, and various flavored puddings served with custard sauce.

A serving of dessert box is usually not too large. Therefore, customers can try various flavor options without worrying about overeating. However, you can still adjust the box size according to your sales needs. It's perfectly fine if you want to offer several size options.

13. Mini Martabak

Selling martabak in standard portions might require a considerable amount of capital, as more ingredients are needed, especially if you're using premium ones. So, the solution is to sell mini martabak since there's still a high demand for martabak itself.

As its name, this type of martabak comes in small portions, and of course, it's cheaper compared to the standard size, which tends to be larger. You can buy baking pans that match this size. With the option of mini martabak, those who are interested in trying two flavor variations can buy both without worrying about spending too much money.

14. Leker

Leker is one of the small-capital food businesses that is guaranteed to be very popular. This delicious snack can be served with various toppings inside. From chocolate spreads, cheese, chocolate condensed milk, and slices of banana or strawberries. It can also be served with two or more combinations of these toppings. Each crispy bite provides a delightful taste sensation.

15. Waffle

ide makanan modal kecil berupa kue wafel

Image source: elements.envato.com (by Olena_Mykhaylova)

The last small-capital food business idea is selling waffles. You can offer them with a variety of toppings at different prices. Options range from waffles with chocolate sauce, strawberry jam, or maple syrup, to waffles with yogurt and fruits, and even waffles served with ice cream.

For this food business, you'll need a waffle maker, which can be purchased at kitchenware stores. To make them even more delicious and unique, you can use your own secret recipe.

So, those are the 15 small-capital food business ideas you can choose from. Before starting any of these food businesses, make sure to conduct market research to target the right audience and prepare all the necessary ingredients and equipment thoroughly. Best of luck with your food business venture, and may you reap plenty of profits!

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