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Nanyang Group Presents ZHENGDA, Ai-CHA, & Ai-KA at IFBC 2024

Last updated: 27 Feb 2024
Maskot ZHENGDA Chicken Steak, Ai-CHA Ice Cream & Tea, dan Ai-KA Coffee & Tea di acara IFBC Expo 2024

The Info Franchise & Business Concept Expo 2024, also known as IFBC Expo 2024, was held at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD, Tangerang, Banten, from February 23-25, 2024. The exhibition was brightened up by three renowned brands from Nanyang Group: ZHENGDA Chicken Steak, Ai-CHA Ice Cream & Tea, and Ai-KA Coffee & Tea.

These brands give special offers to potential partners that come to their booth at IFBC Expo 2024. The potential partners can even save more than Rp 150 million through a range of promotions offered. Some of these promotions include free management fees for 2 years, free survey fees, free training fees, free cashier systems, and no royalty fees. 

Additionally, partners who start their franchise business with Nanyang Group in the exhibition can choose between a Rp 20 million machine discount or an iPhone 15 for free. All the promotions offered led to a large number of potential partners coming in for consultations.

The Excitement of ZHENGDA, Ai-CHA, and Ai-KA Events at IFBC Expo 2024

The Excitement Event at ZHENGDA, Ai-CHA, and Ai-KA Booth at IFBC 2024

During the exhibition, visitors also have the opportunity to receive food and drink vouchers, allowing them to directly taste the distinctive flavors of each brand. Not only offer beneficial franchise promotions, but ZHENGDA, Ai-CHA, and Ai-KA also held various exciting and fun events.

Firstly, there is an activity that aims to enhance the brand experience for potential partners, called Make Your Own Treat. They can directly experience the process of making Ai-CHA drinks or ice cream, from preparation to serving, allowing them to taste the enjoyment firsthand. Moreover, they can also gain a better understanding of the process and workflow involved in beverage preparation.

Second, there are fun mini games like dart boards, in which the visitors can get free food from ZHENGDA and drinks either from Ai-Cha or Ai-Ka. Also, Spin the Wheel games for every partner that joins the partnership at the IFBC Expo, with special prizes such as food raw material vouchers worth millions of rupiah or free machine for their new business.

Participant of Cap Go Meh Game at ZHENGDA IFBC 2024

In order to celebrate the end of Chinese New Year, Nanyang Group held a Cap Go Meh game at the franchise exhibition. Through this game, lucky visitors have the chance to receive angpao that contain cash prizes up to Rp1 million or discount vouchers for product purchases.

Last but not least, on the last day of the exhibition, theres a Foodpreneur Talks with the topic: Peluang Bisnis F&B: Keunikan dan Tantangan. This talk show was presented by Michael (Xu Liang), the Overseas Business Development of Nanyang Food, and Danny Tahardi, the General Manager of Nanyang Food.

Every brand from Nanyang Group that is offered at IFBC Expo 2024 has its own uniqueness and goals. For example, ZHENGDA Chicken Steak is a fast-food experience that offers convenient options for customers. Its flagship menu item, the Signature XXL Crispy Chicken, boasting an oriental-authentic flavor, serves a delightful combination of thick, juicy, and tender chicken texture.

ZHENGDA, Ai-CHA, and Ai-KA Booth at IFBC Expo 2024

Established in 2022, ZHENGDA raises an on-the-go street food snack concept that ensures practical consumption anytime and anywhere. Committed to delivering the finest food quality with fast service, ZHENGDA remains dedicated to its mission.

Meanwhile, Ai-CHA Ice Cream & Tea that was established in 2019, aims to provide good-quality drinks at affordable prices. It also offers a varied and innovative menu that has gained popularity among many people. Among its innovative products, Ai-Scream Cone Sea Salt and Ai-Squash Haw Flakes are known for their unique flavors, which set them apart from other flavors of ice cream or drink options.

Nanyang Group also introduced quality coffee through Ai-KA Coffee & Tea in 2023. It aims to offer a sense of calm through the enjoyment of each sip amidst the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced urban lifestyle. Beyond delivering delicious flavors, Ai-KA also ensures that every cup served brings warmth and happiness to customers. Some of the favorite and innovative menu items are Ai-KA Lemonade, Ai-Latte Oat Osmanthus, Ai-Latte Butterfly Coco, and many more.

In the competitive landscape of franchise opportunities, the unique selling points of these brands serve as valuable assets for potential partners seeking growth and success.

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